Karl has a wonderful ability to convey subtle changes you can make in your speaking that help you improve dramatically with his feedback. Karl is an exceptional speaker in his own right but more impressively is Karl’s seemingly natural ability to teach others.

Karl’s approach keys on your strengths and how you can build upon your positives to improve and overcome your personal challenges. Following Karl’s advice and watching his approach to speaking has helped me make exponential leaps in my learning to the point I was able to win several speech contests and has improved my overall confidence.
Bob Donoghue
I have known Karl for many years through Toastmasters. He was instrumental in helping me achieve my Advanced Communicator Bronze Level (ACB).

His guidance, input and keen evaluations has helped many members of Toastmasters improve their communication skills. These skills and the confidence I have gained through Karl’s coaching and advice have been useful to me in both my personal and professional lives. His calm, friendly, helpful manner and his skilled leadership characteristics have been a wonderful plus for our club and everyone he has mentored.

Thanks Karl for your friendship and great advice.
Alfredo Barriga
Sr. Lead Process Designer for a Mayor Oil, Gas & Construction Company
I have known Karl since he joined Toastmasters International. He began giving speeches immediately and quickly became a skilled and confident speaker. His commitment to complete the Communication and Leadership levels to become a Distinguished Toastmaster was remarkable. Karl is a very good speaker and also a great person!
Janis B.
President, Speakers Connection Toastmasters
If you are interested in improving your communication capabilities, I would highly recommend Karl Pohle. Karl is a Distinguished Toastmaster and an experienced speaker. Karl has competed in many contests at all levels. He is helpful and patient when coaching an individual. He provides excellent input and understands the nuances of communication skills, both listening and speaking. Karl would be an exceptional mentor for those who want to become better communicators.
Jude W.
I have known Karl for ten years due to our membership in Toastmaster’s Speakers Connection club. Karl is an exceptional speaker as proven by his performance at Toastmaster speech contests and in club meetings. It is my understanding that his growth as a public speaker, communicator and leader is instrumental to his growing recognition and prosperity in the sales profession. I have also witnessed his enthusiastic and frequent support for fellow Toastmasters for several years. Therefore, I highly recommend him and his public speaking coaching services.
James Deitiker
Distinguished Toastmaster
Member of Toastmasters International since 1989